The homeAR Edge: Ep03 Using homeAR's Camera Mode

19 August 2022

In the first two posts in this series, we focused on how homeAR's augmented reality viewing modes - Full Scale & Doll's House - can be used to give clients a live experience of their new home that can be the factor that makes up their minds - whether that's the initial decision to build with you, or the final decisions on design.  
However even when you can't deliver a live, in person augmented reality experience, homeAR's Camera Mode gives you powerful tools for your marketing, social media and sales

Getting the most from homeAR Camera mode

Switching to Camera in homeAR's mode selector gives you quick access to produce quality video and images for sharing directly with your clients or creating engaging content for social media, to build your brand and extend your buyer experience.

Shooting Still Images

homeAR still images are the perfect way to capture the true essence of a new home in it's real environment. This could be to send to clients to get them excited about their new view, or to showcase your work on Instagram, Facebook or your own website.



Use homeAR images to get that winning shot of the exquisite views from the living room, the sun rising over the roofline or the open plan living extending out to the sunny decks

Shooting Video

Hold down the camera shutter button for a few seconds and you're in video capture mode. Hold your device steady and you can capture great footage of the new home on location, in full scale - inside and out.


Pro Tip: Use a gimbal to keep your device nice and steady for a smooth final output. If you don't have a gimbal we recommend using panning shots and minimizing walking around as that can cause camera shake. 

That's it for this update. In our next installment we'll put the spotlight on homeAR's Webview add-on, and how to make use of it to create a highly differentiated web experience, to make sure you capture more than your share of buyers browsing for a new home.

autodesk revit badge 256px

Direct Upload from Revit® to homeAR

Our homeAR Connect for Revit® received a significant update this month. If you or your design team are using Revit®, you can now directly export optimized models to homeAR directly right from your Revit® workspace. Simply export and upload to the homeAR portal. You can download the plugin from the Autodesk store.

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