Marketing in a new community: Winning the battle for attention & engagement

31 January 2023

New Community Marketing: Winning the battle for Attention & Engagement  

If you build homes to sell, you understand the challenge of getting your share of buyer attention so you can your convey your point of difference.
homeAR's Virtual Model Homes are the latest technology in new home marketing and are built to help you attract and engage a greater share of the available buyers - across digital channels and out in the community, while improving the effectiveness of your current marketing spend.

Maximizing Your Effectiveness Online

By turning your plans into homeAR Virtual Model Homes you create powerful, flexible lead-generation assets that let buyers experience your product and your brand anywhere, anytime. You can then give buyers access to your homeAR Virtual Model Homes via any of your digital channels to:

  1. Enhance your Marketplace Listings to capture more buyer attention
  2. Improve ROI on Paid Search & Social spend by improving how you engage the valuable web traffic you are generating
  3. Extend your experience to out-of-town buyers who can't visit your communities or model homes

If you'd like to experience it for yourself simply click this link to download the homeAR app with a sample plan for you to try!



A Winning Presence In New Communities

homeAR's new Always-On capability means that you can geo-locate Virtual Model Homes on your lots in new communities, ready to be experienced by buyers any time, with just the scan of a QR code.
These interactive, interchangeable Virtual Model Home experiences not only engage buyers, but are always collecting valuable market data on how your product is performing.
And because they are a fraction of the cost of real model homes, you can set up as many as you need, wherever you need them!
homeAR's Virtual Model Homes are a powerful new addition to the builder marketing mix, to extend your reach and give you a strong, unique presence in your markets.

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