Product Update - March 2022

08 March 2022

We hope you've had a great start to 2022.

Here's an update on the latest features and enhancements to homeAR and a peek at some of the stuff we have in the works.

New Stuff

Putting even more "real" into augmented reality.

One of the things that gets us out of bed each day is finding ways to keep making the most realistic home viewing experience, even more realistic. We're super proud of the latest update to our iPhone and iPad apps which took another big stride in this area - particularly in the realism of lighting and reflections. Even we are often surprised how much can now be achieved on consumer-grade gear.
Check it out in action on this transportable design. Just to remind you what you're seeing here - a digital house in the real world (images all shot on iPad with no editing.)

autodesk revit badge 256

New Revit® Plugin

If you or your design team are using Revit®, you can now use the homeAR Connect plugin to export models optimized for homeAR directly from Revit®. Simply export and upload to the homeAR portal. You can download the plugin from the Autodesk store starting this week. Our ArchiCAD® plugin is also coming soon.

Tools & Tips

Integrating homeAR into your marketing

We regularly get asked by customers what is best practice for integrating homeAR's tools into an existing marketing program. So we created a short video on the topic with some tips on how to make the most of the marketing toolkit that was made to sell homes.

In The Works

Spatial Notes

What if buyers could walk through your plans in full scale augmented reality and mark them up with notes for the design team or builder? That's exactly what the Spatial Notes feature in homeAR is designed for. Timely, contextual communications between architect, builder and buyer. You can check it out in pre-release in this video.

In-app Video Recording

Being able to record a homeAR walkthrough is a powerful way to show buyers through a plan if they can't experience it live. In-app recording will make recording your homeAR tours easier than ever and new Picture-In-Picture (PIP) mode will mean you can narrate the video for your buyers. Great for creating social media content or to enhance your remote sales experience! Watch out for this in our upcoming release.


That's it for this update. As always, thanks for reading. We love what we do and we're excited to be bringing new innovation to help our customers. If you'd like to learn more about anything we've talked about, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

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