Introducing homeAR Always-On

31 October 2022

Introducing homeAR Always-On

homeAR Always-On is the latest evolution of homeAR, the experiential sales & marketing platform for builders & developers of new homes. Always-On provides builders and developers the unique ability to save life-sized virtual model homes to a physical location, ready for potential buyers to experience any time, with just the scan of a QR code!

Next-Gen Buyer Experience. Next Level Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

Always-On Model Homes are always hard at work whenever and wherever they are needed - attracting, delighting and informing new home buyers in ways not previously possible. Now builders and developers can provide potential buyers the ability experience a home's layout, features, views and even the community it is part of, any time, 7 days a week.

And because Always-On Model Homes bring all the measurability (and more) of other digital marketing tools, these "spatial" lead generation assets are creating powerful real-time insights to help optimize the customer journey and drive sales conversion.

Who Is Always-On For?

Always-On is specifically designed for Property Developers, Building Companies, Real Estate professionals and anyone marketing and pre-selling new homes. From individual house & land packages to terraced developments and entire communities, Always-On extends the digital experience into the real world, to sell faster and sell better - all by delivering a superior customer experience. 

The Unique Benefits of Always-On

Lead The Change: Put the latest in experiential marketing technology to work for you, to attract more buyers, accelerate sales and elevate your brand.

Highlight Your "Different": Make your product stand out in a sea of similar. Showcase unique aspects of your designs or your community as a whole.

Unrivalled Word-Of-Mouth: Give buyers a truly different buying experience that has them talking about your brand.

How Does it Work?

homeAR turns house plans into augmented reality experiences that can be viewed on any* modern smartphone or iPad. Plans are exported from CAD to homeAR where they form a portfolio of digital model homes that can be applied throughout your brand experience - from attracting new potential buyers to finalising contracts.

homeAR Always-On makes these model homes more accessible and more relevant than ever, by allowing them to be saved to a geographic location - an empty lot, a new subdivision or even a new community. All a buyer needs to be able to walk through and experience an Always-On model home is their phone or iPad. A scan of a QR code unlocks an immersive and informative buying experience that's as close as possible to the real thing!

How Do I get homeAR Always-On?

Always-On is currently in Private Beta with selected current homeAR customers. Public Release will commence in late November 2022. To enquire about homeAR Always-On and register your interest, please email

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