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homeAR is the sales & marketing technology platform designed for the unique challenges of selling new-build homes.


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Selling new homes has changed. Forever. 

Pre-selling new homes is arguably the toughest job in real estate. homeAR has changed that forever, with the power of augmented reality and a suite of tools specifically designed to sell new construction. Now you can sell new homes like they're already built - and all you need is a phone or an iPad.

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homeAR has a model to suit your business. Whether you engage with large-scale developers to sell new communities, manage listings for multiple vendors in your region, or even specialize in selling bare land, we have packages to meet your needs. 

Extend your reach and engage more buyers
Extend your reach and engage more buyers

homeAR allows buyers can experience a new home no matter where they are, while video and image features make it a social media power house.

Empower buyers to make great buying decisions
Empower buyers to make great buying decisions

Experiencing a new home in homeAR gives buyers the information they seek to build confidence and to create emotional connection.

Win more listings and dominate your market
Win more listings and dominate your market

homeAR provides realtors with a clear edge in selling unbuilt property. As a specialist in new construction sales, homeAR is your competitive advantage.

The service delivery we aspire to provide to our clients, assisting them in the confidence to select a new home design has been greatly enhanced by the use of homeAR technology - both in the office and onsite.
Nigel Smith
General Manager, Milestone Homes
homeAR is a central part of the Classic Property customer experience. We understand that our buyers need good information to feel confident in their purchase decision. homeAR really helps us convey a clear vision of the homes and communities we are creating.
Nathan Watkins
General Manager, Classic Property
homeAR enables us to help clients visualise their home in a way we couldn’t offer before.

Matt Gowler
President, Gowler Homes
homeAR's walkthrough capabilities are second to none for client experience & we have even started using it to assist in gaining planning approval. Clients experiencing a homeAR walkthrough are genuinely blown away.
Mike Hansen
Director, New Dimension Architecture
Our clients have been absolutely blown away by the clarity and realness of the plans. This has cut down the pre-sale process significantly. It is also a massive point of difference for us.
Esther Bonne
Director, Hallmark Homes
For our clients, being able to visualize the both the exterior and interior of the home (ceiling lines, bulkheads, kitchens etc) and seeing views from living spaces helps confirm siting & orientation. It provides invaluable benefit.

Rodger Scott
General Manager, Maddren Homes

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