The homeAR Edge: Ep02 Dolls-house Augmented Reality Viewing

01 August 2022

In this installment we're going to touch on homeAR's other Augmented Reality viewing mode - Doll's House Viewing - what it's great at and when it can be used to perform its own unique role in your customer experience.

Choosing an AR viewing mode

Dolls House (AKA Table Scale) View

The baby sibling to Full Scale view, but don’t underestimate it! Doll’s House view is a great way to give clients an interactive 3D view of their new home - whether they’re in your meeting room or in their living room 500km away!



Providing clients with a 3D model they can view any time, on any device is a great way to give them a complete understanding of a home design, incorporating both floorplan and elevations.

Where it’s best:

Pretty much anywhere! From boardrooms and sales suites to prospects and client's kitchen tables.

What it’s best at:

  1. Showcasing past projects to demonstrate credentials and/or provide inspiration
  2. Demonstrating floorplan options to prospective buyers
  3. Presenting custom designs to clients - from concept to final drawings
  4. Presenting development plans to clients, investors, councils or any other stakeholders

It's also a great way for your clients to show their family and friends the new home that you're creating for them.

Pro Tip 1: Remember, you‘ll start with a bird’s eye view so you’ll need to move around to see the home from different angles.
Pro Tip 2: Use the slider on the right to remove the roof and view the interior

That's it for this update. In our next installment we'll talk about using homeAR's Camera Mode, to capture great images and video for use in your social media, brand journey and even your buyer experience.

autodesk revit badge 256px

Direct Upload from Revit® to homeAR

Our homeAR Connect for Revit® received a significant update this month. If you or your design team are using Revit®, you can now directly export optimized models to homeAR directly right from your Revit® workspace. Simply export and upload to the homeAR portal. You can download the plugin from the Autodesk store.

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