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homeAR Terms Of Use

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: This End User License Agreement (“Licence”) is a legal agreement between the party who is using or paying for the use of the Software (“You”) and Reactar Limited.


This Licence shall take effect from the time the Software is first used or Downloaded by You. By using or otherwise accessing the Software, You hereby acknowledge and accept the above recitals and the following terms and as they may be reasonably amended from time to time.


1.         DEFINITIONS: All capitalised terms shall have the meaning set forth in this Licence.

“ACCOUNT INFORMATION” means Your unique login details and password code, which allows you to access the Software online.

 “AUTHORIZED DEVICES” means mobile phone handsets and other Supported Devices accessing the Software by an Authorized User.

“CONTENT” means building designs, imagery, CAD models and floor-plans either, by the third parties  through the Software. 

“DATA” means the information pertaining to building plans, designs and models converted into homeAR formats, which is thereafter supplied to the you by Reactar in machine readable form by the Software.

“START DATE” means the date that You first download the Software.

 “TERM” means the duration from the Start Date until termination

 “SOFTWARE” means the system branded “homeAR” developed and proprietary to Reactar and consisting of “online” computer software, mobile applications and services provided via computers and devices connected to the Internet. It also includes all Data, updates, images and any and all associated media and printed materials including ‘online’ or electronic documentation. 

“SUPPORTED DEVICE” means smartphones, electronic tablets and computer equipment consisting of the minimum equipment specifications, operations systems and configuration required to run the Software.


2.         TERM

The term of this Licence will commence on the Start Date and continue until terminated by either party.


3.         TERMS OF SALE

3.1.       TRIAL VERSION: Reactar offers a single free trial of homeAR products and applications. This is limited to one free trial per company. No credit card is required. At the end of the trial, the User is not obligated to purchase a product.

3.2.       PURCHASE THROUGH 3RD PARTY: If you have purchased homeAR through a third party, these Terms of Sale do not apply. Reactar is not liable for any claims related to purchases made through third parties.


4.         LICENCE

4.1.       Reactar hereby grants to You non-exclusive, non-transferable use of the Software subject to the terms and conditions of this Licence.

4.2.       The Software is intended to be used online in conjunction with a hosting service. You will be provided with a single set of Account Information.  You may use your Account Information to access the Software on multiple devices. You may only use the Software in good faith and for proper purpose

4.3.       You acknowledge that all copyright and all other ownership rights and goodwill in any and all parts of the Software and any replacement, update or modification of any part of the Software remain the sole and exclusive property of Reactar and/or its rightful licensors. NO PROPRIETARY RIGHTS ARE VESTED IN YOU. The Software at all times remains the property of Reactar and/or its rightful licensors.



5.1.       You may not make any copies of any part or portion of the Software or copy or load its Data onto any distribution device or platform.

5.2.       You agree that you shall not:

(i)   make, or permit any other person to make, a copy of the Software, your Account Information or the Data or any part thereof;

(ii)  make use of any part of the Software or the Data for or on behalf of any unauthorized person, entity or organization, nor permit any unauthorized person, entity or organization to utilize the Software, Your Account Information or the Data;

(iii) make or permit to be made any additions or modifications to the Software and/ or the Data. Any unauthorized modifications to the Software may be considered an infringement of copyright and other intellectual property laws;

(iv) attempt in any manner to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software; and

(v)  access the Data by any means other than via the Software.

5.3.       The Software is entirely online-based and is resident on servers belonging to either Reactar or a Reactar service provider and is accessed wholly via your own Authorised Devices over the internet. You acknowledge that you will need Supported Devices running the minimum specifications recommended in order to access the Software, and that you are entirely responsible for obtaining, installing, configuring, updating and maintaining your own Supported Devices.

5.4.       On downloading the Software, You will be required to set up a user account which will allow You to access the Software via Your own Supported Device. You acknowledge and accept that you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account Information and for restricting access to your Account Information. You further acknowledge and accept that you will be deemed responsible for any and all activities that occur in connection with your Account Information.

5.5.       If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your Account Information you must notify Reactar immediately. Reactar may, in its sole discretion, restrict, limit or alter the compromised Account Information so as to completely or partially disable access to the Software via the compromised Account Information. Reactar accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by unauthorized use of any compromised Account Information, or by any inability to access the Software.

5.6.       You agree to respect and abide by all laws and regulations in force and commit not to violate public order or infringe on the rights of any third party.

5.7.       You acknowledges and accept that the implementation and use of homeAR applications and products requires a connection to the Internet, to have a device with the appropriate technology and that the functioning of homeAR depends directly on this connection for which you shall be individually and solely responsible.

5.8.       You undertake all necessary precautions when using a homeAR application. Reactar shall in no way be held liable in the event of any accident, especially related to a loss of concentration.

5.9.       You represent that you have all the necessary rights and authorizations on 3D model inserted in homeAR. You shall not use a 3D model which belongs to any third party without the proper legal authorization.

5.10.    You have the right to use, modify, alter, disclose and make publicly available the converted 3D model by homeAR, under the understanding you are the owner of any intellectual property rights related to the Content, or else have a license granted from the titleholder that entitles you to do so.

5.11.    You acknowledge and declare that the Content provided does not breach any intellectual property rights of any third party. You agree to hold Reactar free from any claim from by third parties alleging breach to supposed intellectual property rights related with the Content.

5.12.    You authorize Reactar to perform certain activities in relation to the 3D model for the functioning of the Products. You renounce claiming any type of payment, fee, royalty, indemnity or financial compensation from Reactar for carrying out any of the actions for the functioning of the Products.



6.1.       Reactar will perform customary updates to Software from time to time. Reactar shall release such updates in accordance with the receipt of the necessary information from you to provide relevant changes to Reactar. Reactar is under no obligation to perform, make or develop any specific enhancements to or customization of the Software, although Reactar may offer such enhancements to you during the term of this Licence.

6.2.       Reactar will provide access to its email support services during normal business hours for all application-related queries. Reactar may, at its sole discretion, investigate and, to the extent possible, correct any failure of the Software to meet the functional specifications in the instructions, provided that:

(i)   any failure shall be demonstrable;

(ii)  notice is given to Reactar promptly after any such failure becomes known;

(iii) the operating system of supported devices, Authorized Equipment have been properly installed, operated, configured and maintained; and

(iv) failure is not due to a fault in the Supported Device, Authorized Equipment or the fault of third party software not licensed by Reactar.

6.3.       Any replacement, update or modification of any part of the Software shall become part of the Software and your rights to use such replacement, update or modification shall be governed by the terms of this Licence. Any reference to the Software in this Licence shall include all such replacements, updates and modifications from time to time.


7.         PLATFORMS

7.1          Where you download, install or use the mobile application version of the Software (“App”) on an Apple mobile device, you acknowledge and agree that:

•  these Terms are an agreement between you and us and not between you, and Apple, Inc. nor any subsidiary of Apple, Inc. (“Apple”);

•  Apple has no responsibility or liability in respect of any matter relating to the App, including your use or possession of the App; and

•  these Terms supersede any agreement between you and Apple in relation to your use of the App.

7.2      We and you agree that Apple, and any Apple subsidiary, are third party beneficiaries of these Terms and that Apple has the right to enforce these Terms against you as a third party beneficiary.

7.3     Where you download, install or use the App on a mobile device running an Android operating system, you acknowledge and agree that:

•  these Terms are an agreement between you and us and not between you, and Google, Inc. nor any subsidiary of Google, Inc. (“Google”);

•  Google has no responsibility or liability in respect of any matter relating to the App, including your use or possession of the App; and

•  these Terms supersede any agreement between you and Google in relation to your use of the App.

7.4          We and you agree that Google, and any Google subsidiary, are third party beneficiaries of these Terms and that Google has the right to enforce these Terms against you as a third party beneficiary.


8.         TERMINATION

8.1.       You may terminate this Licence at any time, providing one (1) months notice, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

8.2.       Reactar shall be entitled to terminate this Licence at any time following breach of any term of this Licence.

8.3.       On termination of this Licence access to your Account Information and the Software will be disabled without any liability to Reactar and you must immediately stop using the Software.


9.         WARRANTIES

9.1.       Reactar does not warrant the Content nor that the Software or the Data is error free. Reactar does not validate the accuracy or completeness of the Content, Data and information supplied to it by the Customer.

9.2.       You acknowledge that you have relied on your own commercial analysis and judgment in selecting the Software and have not relied on any promise, representation, warranty or undertaking made or given by Reactar in relation to any results, consequences or benefits to be obtained from the use of the Software.

9.3.       You acknowledge that the content shown in the homeAR app is indicative only and does not necessarily reflect the final design or building.  This includes placement of the building on any section.

9.4.       The Software is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The Licensor does not warrant that the functions contained in the Software will meet your requirements or that the operation of the Software will be uninterrupted or error free. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Software is with you. If the Software is defective, you (not Reactar) assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

9.5.       Under no circumstances is Reactar liable to you for any damages, including any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use the Software even if the Reactar has been advised in advance that such damages may arise, or for any claim by any other party.

9.6.       Subject to this section, all conditions and warranties which would or might otherwise be implied in this Licence are hereby excluded to the extent permitted by law.



10.1.    Neither Reactar nor You shall be liable for any failure to perform any obligations required to be completed by Reactar or you herein, where such failure is due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of Reactar or You, except for the making of payments as and when they fall due and any obligations pertaining to confidentiality.


11.      GENERAL

11.1.    Reactar is committed to protecting and safeguarding your privacy with respect to all personal information collected by it (refer to the privacy policy, including GDPR, on https://www.homear.io/privacy for details). Accordingly, you hereby provide consent to the Reactar to use e-mail or other means of communication to provide You with information regarding software or services that are in use by you or that might be adopted and implemented by you.

11.2.    Reactar may, at any time, assign or sub-contract all or part of its rights and obligations under this Licence. This Licence may not be assigned or sub-contracted by You without the prior written authorization of Reactar.

11.3.    This Licence is governed by the laws of New Zealand and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of New Zealand for determining any dispute concerning this Licence.

11.4.    This document constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties in relation to the use and supply of the Software.


For any questions or notices, please contact us at:


Email: support@homear.io


 Updated 13 June 2022

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