Set your Real Estate Partners up for success and help them sell your homes, faster.

13 February 2023

Set your Real Estate Partners up for success and help them sell your homes, faster.  

It's difficult to make an emotional connection with something that doesn't exist. And that makes selling unbuilt homes one of the toughest jobs in real estate.
If you engage Real Estate Agents to help sell your properties, you can give them a genuine edge over their (and your) competition, by providing them the ability to help buyers see themselves living happily in a home, built by you.
homeAR is designed to sell new homes and is fast becoming the most effective tool to sell unbuilt real estate, so why not give your agents an unfair advantage? 

Put your homeAR portfolio in their hands

homeAR makes it easy to share your plans and listings with your partners via SMS, email or IM, so they have them at their fingertips whenever they are interacting with buyers.


Provide homeAR QR Codes to power their marketing efforts

homeAR QR codes make it simple for realtor partners to add homeAR viewing to brochures, flyers and even signs that feature your properties. 


Set Up Virtual Model Homes for them to sell from

"Always-On" Virtual Showhomes give your sales team the power to show buyers through your homes - even when they aren't there. They can even conduct Virtual Open Homes!


If you'd like to experience it for yourself simply click this link to download the homeAR app with a sample plan for you to try!


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