The homeAR Edge: Ep01 Full-scale Augmented Reality Viewing

25 July 2022

We’ve assembled some quick tips on get the most out of homeAR. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sending them through, hopefully to help you unlock that extra little nugget of value from homeAR when you’re dealing with prospects or clients.

First up, we're going to talk about...

Choosing an AR viewing mode

Right at the center of homeAR is of course the AR views themselves. homeAR has two AR viewing modes - Full Scale and Dolls House (we used to call it “Table Scale”) and both have an important role to play in your customer experience.

Full Scale View

As the name suggests, this is designed to be used when you want to give your client the full size experience of their new home.


When it’s best: On the lot (yours or theirs), any wide open space

What it’s best at: Showing the home positioned on the lot, providing a feel for space, showcasing key features, understanding views and indoor-outdoor flow

 Other ways we see Full Scale view used:

  1. Understanding a building's impact on view shafts
  2. Helping to alleviate the concerns of neighbors and “NIMBY’s”
  3. Determining the best position on a lot
  4. Helping contractors visualize what they are creating. 

If you have other ways you're finding homeAR's Full Scale view useful we'd love to hear about that too!

Pro Tip 1: The most important thing is you’ll need plenty of space for this - we don’t recommend using this indoors unless you have enough space to fit a whole house!

Pro Tip 2: Don’t spend too much time looking upwards. The app relies on understanding where the ground is, so the experience can move if you point the camera towards the sky for too long.


That's it for this update. In our next installment we'll talk about augmented reality viewing in Dolls House mode - when to use it and how to get the most from it. Stay tuned!

autodesk revit badge 256px

Direct Upload from Revit® to homeAR

Our homeAR Connect for Revit® received a significant update this month. If you or your design team are using Revit®, you can now directly export optimized models to homeAR directly right from your Revit® workspace. Simply export and upload to the homeAR portal. You can download the plugin from the Autodesk store.

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