Always-On Virtual Model Homes

With homeAR Always-On (patent pending), you can turn any home plan into a life-sized Virtual Model Home and save it to any location, to create interactive, interchangeable, connected model home experiences that not only engage potential buyers, but are always-on, always available and always collecting valuable data to help you generate more leads and sell more homes.

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For the builders, developers & sellers of new homes. 

No matter what type of homes you're creating, Always-On Model Homes will give you the sales and marketing edge that attracts more buyers, generates better leads and closes more sales.

Stand-Alone Homes
Stand-Alone Homes
Terraced Blocks
Terraced Blocks
Entire Communities
Entire Communities
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Flexibility to Be Where Your Buyers Are

Always-On Model Homes allow you to showcase multiple home designs at any location, giving your buyers a full understanding of their options. Always-On Virtual Model Homes are always available, even when your sales teams can't be, turning potential buyers into high-quality sales leads.

Capital Friendly 2

A Capital-Friendly Alternative

Always-On Model Homes mean it is now possible to offer a model home experience on any lot, in any subdivision or new community, and provide potential buyers with an immersive and informative experience, while reducing your investment in model homes.

Real Virtual

Blending The Best of Real & Virtual

The combination of Virtual Model Homes with a Display Suite or Design Centre creates the perfect blend of physical and digital. Blend the flexibility of digital with the tactile benefits of real products and provide your buyers the next-generation home buying experience.

Data Insight

Powerful Real World Data & Insight

Virtual Model Homes bring all the measurability of digital marketing tools. These "spatial" lead generation assets are Always-On, always learning how your buyers are interacting with your product. Data points such as visitor numbers, visit duration and repeat visits produce powerful real-time insights that help you optimize your customer journey and drive sales conversion.

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