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Built for selling off plans

homeAR turns your library of floorplans into digital model homes that buyers can experience anywhere, instantly. Now your plans can be selling, 24/7, from your website to the construction site. 

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Convey Your Vision
Convey Your Vision

Let buyers experience your vision and their future right from their phone or iPad. homeAR puts more buyers into your floorplans and into your communities, anytime, anywhere.

The 3D Buyer Experience
The 3D Buyer Experience

Bring 3D to your buyer experience and stand apart across all brand touch points. homeAR's 3D and AR tools have re-set the standard for the digital home buyer experience.

Extend Your Sales
Extend Your Sales

homeAR lets your homes and communities sell themselves, no matter where your buyers are. homeAR's digital twins of your product get the sales process moving early and rapidly

homeAR's walkthrough capabilities are second to none for client experience & we have even started using it to assist in gaining planning approval. Clients experiencing a homeAR walkthrough are genuinely blown away.
Mike Hansen
Director, New Dimension Architecture
homeAR enables us to help clients visualise their home in a way we couldn’t offer before.

Matt Gowler
President, Gowler Homes
Our clients have been absolutely blown away by the clarity and realness of the plans. This has cut down the pre-sale process significantly. It is also a massive point of difference for us.
Esther Bonne
Director, Hallmark Homes
The service delivery we aspire to provide to our clients, assisting them in the confidence to select a new home design has been greatly enhanced by the use of homeAR technology - both in the office and onsite.
Nigel Smith
General Manager, Milestone Homes
For our clients, being able to visualize the both the exterior and interior of the home (ceiling lines, bulkheads, kitchens etc) and seeing views from living spaces helps confirm siting & orientation. It provides invaluable benefit.

Rodger Scott
General Manager, Maddren Homes

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