homeAR connects buyers of new homes with the leading builders, designers, developers and real estate companies - through the power of augmented reality.

See your dream home right on your kitchen table.


homear uses mobile Augmented Reality to make it easier to find and visualise your new home, making the decision process enjoyable and easy.


Together At Last

A place to review your options

homear gives you a central location to see the new build options available from the leading builders, developers, designers and real estate companies.


Selected just for you

Tailor your search

Filter options to find the designs that meet your budget and requirements - the space you need, the layout you want, the house you'll love.


outdoor mode

View on location

Take your shortlist of new home options out to your new section and see just how they will look - how they fit, the aspect, the lighting. Imagine yourself in your brand new home.


table mode

Every space, every angle

homear lets you see everything about a design right from the comfort of your kitchen table. Cross-section mode peels away the layers so you can see the layout from a birds-eye view.


direct communications

Collaborate with your chosen designers

Review re-designs and customisations made just for you directly in via homear, making the design process simple and enjoyable.


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